WJPE provides a unique array of performance, maintenance and repair services for automobiles and light duty trucks, gasoline or diesel powered. We use only high quality parts that are installed by trained technicians with an attention to detail that makes a difference in appearance as well as performance. Wayne Jones inspects every service performed before it is delivered to the customer.

We have a special expertise, experience and interest in high performance automobiles (street and track) and pick-up trucks (diesel and gasoline powered). Our knowledge of available high performance aftermarket parts allows us to design a package that addresses your desired result whether it’s increased horsepower, increased torque, better fuel economy or any other goal(s). We provide custom exhaust systems up to 6" in diameter, bent on premises. If you need welding, fabrication or sandblasting services we do that as well. We also sell, install and refill nitrous oxide systems.

Additionally, WJPE provides general maintenance and repair services to domestic and foreign vehicles. We encourage customers to focus on preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled inspections to avoid expensive major repairs. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with customers – we do not replace parts or perform services that are not necessary.


Wayne Jones is a lifelong “gear head”. This natural interest in anything with wheels combined with technical training and over 20 years of hands-on experience makes him a special automotive professional.

He graduated from the Automotive Technician program at Baran’s Institute and was awarded Automotive Student of the Year. He has passed all the ASE tests for the Master Mechanic certification.

His experience includes several years in the service departments of domestic and foreign car dealerships and 3 years at Janetty Racing Enterprises. He started WJPE in April 2003.

He is an avid drag racer who takes his 1983 Camaro to the strip whenever he can. He is not just the owner, he is also a customer.

Wayne takes a hands-on interest in each job that is performed at WJPE and personally inspects every vehicle before it is delivered to the customer. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal at WJPE. If a customer has a problem with work done here, Wayne will make it right.